2 Things You Need To Use To Deal With Clearing Out A Hoarder’s House

If you are getting ready to clear out the house of a friend or relative that has problems with hoarding, you can start to feel overwhelmed. There can be a lot to do and you may not know where to start or what you need. 

Protective Gear

You don't know what you may be running into as you get further into the hoard. You want to make sure that you have things you need to make sure you are safe. That can include things like making sure that you have latex gloves, a mask to make sure that you aren't getting dust in your face, and safety glasses to make sure that your eyes are protected. You may also want to include things like disposable suits that you can over your clothes if you are dealing with some very bad areas. That way you can just pull off the disposable paper suit when you are done working for the day and add it to the trash. Your clothes will be clean underneath and you won't have to worry about taking any of the debris home with you. 


There is going to be a lot of stuff to throw away. One option is to fill up trash bags and set them out at the curb so that the waste disposal people pick them up. The problem with that is that the garbage removal company in your area may have a limit on how many bags they will pick up at a time, as well as a limit on the size of things they will take. Some cities have a trash removal system where you have to pay for trash bags and if you don't use those bags, the trash won't be picked up. That can end up being really expensive. The easier and less expensive way is going to be renting a dumpster, such as from http://www.tri-statedisposal.com/. You can throw all the trash in that, and the dumpster rental company will come out and take the dumpster away when it gets full and bring you another dumpster, if necessary. They will have a large selection of sizes and styles, so that means you can get one that will fit into the space that you have. 

Dealing with clearing out a house where a hoarder has spent years collecting and accumulating things can be very difficult. If you have to do that, making sure that you have what you need can make the job easier.