Own a Restaurant? Start Recycling Your Cooking Oil

If you own a restaurant, there are many ways that you can be green beyond buying as many of your food items as possible through local vendors. A great way to increase the environmental friendliness of your restaurant is by recycling your cooking oil. A quick guide is provided that will assist you with creating a process for recycling your restaurant's cooking oil.

Find Your Closest Recycling Center

First, you need to locate a recycling center in your area that accepts cooking oil. Once you find a center, you need to find out what their requirements and regulations are for bringing them cooking oil. They may require that you store the cooking oil in a specific type of container. They may also have specific times that you need to drop the oil off at.

If you are struggling to find information about a recycling center that accepts cooking oil, contact your waste-management provider to see if they can provide you with information.

Create a Storage Protocol

When you have found a recycling center to work with, the next thing you need to do is create a storage protocol for used cooking oil and train all the employees in your kitchen to follow this protocol.

At the end of the each night, you are going to want to collect the used cooking oil and allow it to cool off. You will probably want to allow the oil to cool off overnight.

The morning shift will then need to take the cooled-off cooking oils and put the oils inside of the appropriate storage containers. Generally, most recycling centers like to receive cooking oil inside of either large plastic bags or inside of large plastic storage containers. This should be done as your workers are preparing their kitchen and getting everything ready in the morning.

Once the oils are inside of the appropriate container, put the oils inside of your kitchen's freezer. Keep the oils inside of the freezer until it is time to transport the oils to the drop-off location. This will turn the oils into a solid and make them less messy to transport.

Schedule Drop-Off Times

Finally, you are going to want to schedule drop-off times. You are going to want to designate one or two individuals to be responsible for transporting the cooking oil to the recycling center. You are going to want to make sure that they clock their hours and mileage so that you can properly compensate them for their time.

Once you find a recycling center that accepts cooking oil, all you need to do from there is create a protocol and train your kitchen staff to follow that protocol. This will help your restaurant take another step towards being as green and environmentally friendly as possible. 

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