3 Reasons Why Professional Tree Removal Is Necessary

That old tree may not look like much, but there is often times a lot more to taking out a tree than most residential property owners realize. The fact is, if you don't have the right tools and equipment, and at least a little bit of experience, taking down a tree could easily lead to property damage or injuries. While it may be safe to remove a very small tree without calling a professional tree care service for help, there are some situations when calling a pro is an absolute must. Here is a look at three situations when professional tree removal will be necessary.

Call a pro when the tree is near electrical lines.

It may look like those power lines are several feet away, but when long branches and tree parts start to come down after being cut, it is possible for them to fall in the direction of the lines, which can be incredibly dangerous and frustrating. If there are power, cable, or phone lines around a tree it is a better idea to call a professional tree service. They can actually get someone to your property to temporarily disconnect the lines and keep them out of the way.

Call a pro if the tree is located near your home or you have close neighbors.

The last thing you want to do is start cutting away with your chainsaw to remove branches and end up with a damaged roof, broken window, or otherwise. And this situation can get pretty ugly if it is a neighbor's home you damage and not your own. If you don't have a wide-open space of clearance around the tree, it is a safer bet to rely on a professional, as they have the equipment to get up in the tree and take out branches in a more controlled manner.

Call a pro if the tree is rotten or unhealthy.

There are few things more dangerous than trying to cut down a rotten tree. You will have little control over breakage, which will mean you will have little control over how the tree branches or trunk fall when they come down. Parts of the tree can break off unpredictably and leave you or your property in danger. A professional tree care service contractor will use cutting techniques that allow them to remove smaller portions of the tree at once to prevent uncontrolled breakage.