3 Levels Of Radioactive Waste And How They Are Managed

Nuclear facilities generate a large amount of electricity. However, the radioactive waste that they produce can pose a threat to humans and the environment. Waste that is contaminated with radioactive material is particularly harmful to the cells of the body. Prolonged exposure to high levels of radiation can even lead to death, and unlike many health conditions, radiation sickness may be untreatable. Nevertheless, the amount of radioactive waste that is produced by a nuclear power plant is relatively small compared to the amount of waste produced by electricity generation from fossil fuels. Read More 

Two Grease Trap Mistakes All Restaurant Owners Should Avoid

It's one thing to have a grease trap installed, but it's another thing to use it correctly. If you aren't using the trap properly, you open the door to a number of different issues. In order to ensure you are doing things correctly, here are two mistakes you want to avoid. Overlooking Damaged Gaskets If you recognize that any of the gaskets around the trap are damaged, make sure you make replacing these pieces a priority. Read More 

2 Things You Need To Use To Deal With Clearing Out A Hoarder’s House

If you are getting ready to clear out the house of a friend or relative that has problems with hoarding, you can start to feel overwhelmed. There can be a lot to do and you may not know where to start or what you need.  Protective Gear You don't know what you may be running into as you get further into the hoard. You want to make sure that you have things you need to make sure you are safe. Read More